Deb, village coach

Bowl of Splendor Encouragement and Counseling 

Miriam, village coach

meet the tribe

Our goal is to be real, authentic and uninhibited with everyone we meet and all that we share.  We are just ordinary villagers with an extraordinary desire to share our hearts and hope that we can lift your spirits and help you discover your unique purpose on this earth! We are always expanding and adding to our little tribe of glad tidings of great joy!

​​​Jessica, village coach

 Kelley, village clown

Now that you have stumbled into our village you might be asking yourself, "What is this website all about?". Quite, honestly we're not really sure ourselves, but we are willing to step out and see where this dusty road takes us. You are welcome to come along and join us on our quest to the "great somewhere". We are excited to  share with you a collection of brilliant and magnificent ideas, or really information.  Our hope is to help others by communicating and sharing  what we have learned and are continuing to discover as we walk out this thing called life.